SIRA is so much more than a place to race a few weekends a year. This organization is a big family where we all care and help each other at the track and away. We get to grow a little each year and watch young racers become adults while putting a few smiles on our faces along the way. We also get to see people step up in management of this club while others start small businesses to support this hobby we enjoy so much. Today we get to announce such a small business has taken a very large step and joined us for the next two years as our Title Sponsor. I am so pleased to inform everyone that TB Kart Indy and the whole Harden family have decided to partner with SIRA and promote our little family so that we can continue to grow and introduce our form of racing to many more. Please reach out and thank Darren, Kristy, Devon, and Doug for their support and passion that they bring to our family. For me, working with the Hardens the last two years has been very enjoyable and feels like we have established friendships that will last a life time. I’m very excited that I will have them working with me and the entire management team to continue expanding the opportunities and experiences that we can extend to all of you.  


Bruce Budreau, President