2017 Schedule

  1. April 23rd          Whiteland Practice Day (Free to Members)(Same Day Membership Applications Accepted)
  2. May  6-7th         Anderson Sertoma Grand Prix
  3. June 3-4th         Mel Kenyon Classic
  4. June 24-25th     Goodland Grand Prix
  5. July  15-16th     Clinton Grand Prix
  6. Aug. 19-20th     Kleenco Alexandria Grand Prix
  7. Sept. 9-10th      Ceraland Grand Prix
  8. Sept. 23-24th    Daleville Grand Prix


Map Tips:

  • Click icon in top left of map to see specifics for each race.
  • Scroll with mouse wheel to zoom in on race location.
  • Click on track layout to see video from pre-existing races at said track.