Classes and Rules

Click the link below to download the 2021 SIRA Championship Rules

2021 SIRA Rulebook

A general list of our classes, for more information on individual classes please refer to our rule book.

As noted in the rule book, classes of comparable speed are subject to be combined if there is a low kart count for one or both classes.

  1. Budreau Pools Junior 1
  2. A Trophy Company Kid Kart
  3. Sandman Brothers Junior 2
  4. Schneider Racing Yamaha Senior Can
  5. Whiteland Raceway Park LO206
  6. Speedway Indoor Karting LO206 CIK
  7. Swift Kart & Fabrication 4 Cycle Masters
  8. 80cc Shifter
  9. 125cc/175cc Shifter
  10. Junior 1 LO206 (Non-Points,to be added to tail of Jr. 1)
  11. Junior 2 VLR/KA100 (Non-Points,to be added to tail of Jr. 2)