A letter from our president;

Welcome to another season. There are many things that were changed by the members at our annual rules meeting. Please take time to look through the rule book. A few highlights include the changing of our 4 cycle program to the LO206 engine as our only engine approved to run in SIRA for 2019. There will be two classes for the seniors with this package for now. They are listed as A and B but may have more formal names as the season approaches. The clone and flathead motors are no longer an option.

Another change has to do with how we tech fuel in two cycles, our tech committee asked for the change and membership approved. Yet another change was made to combine both 80 classes back into one class with a heavier weight. After finding that WKA mandates neck supports in the manual, we brought back this requirement for all participants. Also the tire compounds were expanded, please look through rule book for new additions. The 4 Cycle Masters Class was moved up to a minimum age of 40 for participants. These are but some highlights of the changes. We strongly encourage everyone to study the rule book as we will enforce it from day one.

The last thing I want to bring up is the format we ran last year was challenging for racers and management. After lengthy discussion the membership voted to give me, your president, the authority to use whichever format that I feel works best for each venue. After talking to the host at each event it looks like most will go back to our old format at all events except two. The Mel Kenyon Classic will be a doubleheader event as will the Yorktown Grand Prix.

Looking forward to another great season!

Bruce Budreau
SIRA President

You can find the rule book by clicking here