You can now go to our Pre-Entry page and follow the instructions to pre-register for all SIRA events. You must have your entry posted and with payment by Wednesday at midnight of the week of event. Registration will be close online after this time and you will need to register at event at full price. All entries posted to online site are considered guaranteed entry and there will be NO refunds. I want to thank Darren Harden for taking the lead in this effort and with cooperation from Garritt Powell, Jessie McFall and our club attorney. This wasn’t easy for this club, it has taken over a year of work on the back side to make this possible. I want also to thank those of you that have been asking about this availability and your patience till this day could come. This was the third and final item on my list of things I wanted to get done while President. I hope everyone enjoys this season with the great venues and partners that make SIRA such a special place to spend your weekends.

Bruce Budreau, SIRA President