Welcome to Southern Indiana Racing Association (SIRA). We are that rare breed that look for something a little more challenging than a permanent road course. You see within all of us here at SIRA is a rare virus that pumps through our blood. It’s called Street Racing. To be able to race on the same roads and highways that you can drive on any given day, that is until we come to town, is an experience that is very thrilling. It takes a huge effort to turn a series of public streets into a race track and we thank the communities and organizations that make it all possible. Just when you think you got it under control, Mother Nature adds a new piece to the puzzle. Yes we race rain or shine and some of the best racing is done in the rain. So whether you are 5 or 75 we have a place for you in SIRA . Please read through our rule book and scan through our videos and pics to see what we can offer the experienced karter in Indiana. Street racing in our organization is a great way to spend a weekend with the whole family, whether spectator or competitor. You can find our schedule here on this site. For more info or questions give me a call at 574-702-0440.

Thank You,

2017 SIRA President

Bruce Budreau